London, UK, 9 July 2018 |

Fifty years ago, Rod Laver and Billie Jean King won the Wimbledon men’s and women’s singles titles.

An exceptional achievement in itself, the victories took on greater significance as they came at the first “open” edition of the Wimbledon Championships, in 1968.

This year’s tournament marks that anniversary, and the two legends of the sport were in the Royal Box on Saturday to take in the 2018 tournament action on Centre Court.

Yet they had reunited a day earlier at the annual Tennis Australia barbecue, held each year during the Wimbledon fortnight to honour an Australian tennis legend.

This year it was Judy Dalton being honoured; the Australian former top 10 star reached that landmark Wimbledon final 50 years ago before losing to King.

Several legends, including John Newcombe, Neale Fraser, Fred Stolle and Mark Woodforde joined Laver, King and Dalton at the barbecue.

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