25 August 2017 | Tennis Australia

Experienced sports administrator Joe Kelly has been appointed Indigenous Program Manager for Tennis NT, continuing his passion to further develop the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians.

Kelly was appointed to the role in June following a nationwide search by Tennis NT and Tennis Australia.

Based in Darwin, Kelly will work with remote communities throughout the Northern Territory to develop tennis programs and pathways for Indigenous Australians.

The new position also aims to:

  • Improve accessibility to tennis through engagement with Indigenous communities
  • Educate clubs and coaches
  • Enhance Talent Development; and
  • Create playing opportunities through tournaments and events.

“We’re delighted to welcome Joe to the team and are excited to see the positive impact his role can have on the community,” Tennis NT CEO Sam Gibson said.

“His appointment is vital for the growth of tennis in the NT and we are looking forward to developing a stronger relationship with the NT Indigenous community and engage more people through tennis.

“We hope by providing more opportunities tennis can contribute positively to Indigenous Australians.

“We anticipate Joe’s role will help break down any barriers to participation and make the sport more accessible to the Indigenous population.”

Kelly added, “I’m excited about being in the role and working with the NT community to help build a stronger link to tennis.

“Ultimately we are trying to achieve a real connection to the Indigenous population through tennis.

“We want to ensure we are not just introducing tennis to remote parts of the NT, but creating an environment where tennis can grow and become the sport of choice.”

Kelly’s previous experience includes working at NT Hockey as a Development Officer, Hockey Australia and with the Australian Sports Commission’s National Talent Identification and Development Program.