27 January 2017 | Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia today announced an exciting new partnership with the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy.

The 14-time Grand Slam singles champion opened his new tennis academy in Spain last year. The wide-ranging deal will involve Australian players utilising the world-class facilities for training and camps, as well as a destination for coaches and Australian tennis enthusiasts.

The agreement will also allow Australian athletes and their teams to use the Mallorca-based academy as a base during their European tours.

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley described the partnership as an alignment of philosophy and intent.

“Rafa epitomises our aspirations,” he said.

“He is a hard-worker with a massive competitive drive and a love for the sport. He has long held a close affinity with Australian tennis and the Australian Open, and this formalises that affinity.

“In every aspect of our sport we are constantly looking for world’s best practice, and we believe Rafa’s Academy is just that. This partnership gives our athletes access to some of the best facilities and coaches in the world at a location convenient to them during their travels to Europe.”

“Australia has a great tradition and success in sports and for us it is a complete honour to be collaborating with such an important federation as Tennis Australia,” Carlos Costa, Head of Business Development for the Rafa Nadal Academy said.

“To serve as a hub for not only tennis professionals, but also fans and other sports people from Australia when they are in Europe is something beneficial to both parties. I am sure our facilities and know-how will be great to help with the development of future Australian athletes and also enjoyment of fans.”

Rafa Nadal’s uncle and long-time coach Toni Nadal, Director of the Academy, said, “We are new as a global sports facility, since it was built only last year. But at the same time we have a lot of experience, and a team with experience in the field of competition and education.

“Our model is based on Rafa’s values and the experience gained throughout the years with his career and the careers of our team members. I am sure that we will be able to give plenty of good advice besides the excellent facilities we have in Spain.”

The academy strives to reflect the values of the man whose name it carries, with coaches instilling hard work, discipline, honesty, friendship, commitment, humility and respect into their students.

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