Melbourne VIC, Australia, 28 October 2016 |

Sam Stosur has revealed she will work with Australian coach Josh Eagle in a more permanent arrangement in 2017.

Stosur and Eagle worked together briefly in the lead up to the US Open, with Stosur appreciating his style and the fact he gelled well with the existing members of her entourage.

“It will be almost full time (next year with Josh). He’s got a young son and can’t do everything,” Stosur said.

“For the most part he’ll be able to travel. I guess having someone based in Australia – even though he’s on the Sunshine Coast and I’m kind of between Sydney and Melbourne – (and even if) I don’t know how we’re going to make that work, I’m sure if we can make it work on the road we can make it work in Australia for some training weeks.

“We’ve only done a month – through Cincinnati and the US Open. So it’s all pretty new. But I liked what he thought about my game and his ideas to get me playing my best tennis again.

“He’s really positive and really motivating and he worked in really well the people I’ve already got in my team – my trainer Stef and my physio Mel. So I feel like he’s been able to slot in really nicely there.”

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