London, UK, 27 November 2015 | John Peers

The whole experience of the World Tour Finals was amazing. The stadium, the atmosphere, the crowd and the whole build up was something I will never forget. It is not just a tennis tournament, but an event. I think that is what it made it so much fun. Overall, I was happy with the week, but results-wise, I wasn’t. But that comes with playing sport.

This year was my best so far. It has been an incredible journey both on and off the court. I would have to say that getting engaged was a huge event for me as well. Tennis wise, it was certainly my most consistent as well. I will be looking to build on this platform I have created and look to take another step next year.

Next season I have a few goals in place. I would love to play Davis Cup for Australia. I would love to be a part of the Olympic team. I want to win a Grand Slam title and make the World Tour Finals in London again.

Yet right now, I am enjoying some time off with my fiancé. We are both off to Necker Island for Richard Branson’s charity Pro-Am event on Saturday. Then once that is over I will be back on court in Perth for pre-season training.

Jamie Murray and I will not be playing doubles together again in 2016. It is a new beginning for both of us. We parted mutually and found it was time for both of us to find new partners. Looking ahead, I am playing with Henri Kontinen. It will be a new and exciting partnership and we will have to work hard to build a good base together.

I think we can have a great season together and hopefully take the next step in the biggest events of the year.