Melbourne VIC, Australia, 19 November 2014 |

“Repaying a favour” to coach Simon Rea, Sam Stosur is in Melbourne this week as she takes the early steps in her return to the court following a lengthy struggle with plantar fasciitis.

Stosur had for several weeks earlier significantly restricted her load-bearing activities – no running and limited walking, all while receiving physiotherapy.

She also underwent a therapy called shock-wave treatment, delivering 2,000 hits into the injured tissue in three-and-a-half minute bursts.

“It’s not that nice, but if you can just grin and bear it then it’s alright. I had to do that once a week for five weeks,” she revealed.

After suffering from plantar fasciitis since the middle of the year – an injury that curtailed her season in October – her combined treatments and rehabilitation have allowed her to now hit, in a modified capacity, without pain.

“I wasn’t too convinced it was all going to happen this quickly, but so far, so good,” she said.

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