Melbourne VIC, Australia, 5 June 2014 | Matt Trollope

The thousands who attend the Australian Open and millions more who watch it on television will have noticed that it’s not just the players who help bring the tournament to life each year in January.

There are officials and ball kids helping to keep play flowing on the match courts, and teams ensuring these courts are well prepared and serviced for matches. There are staff on the grounds to assist with queries from the public, and those manning the pop-up stalls, retail outlets and hospitality venues on site. And they’re just the ones you can see; many more are working behind the scenes to the largest sporting and entertainment event in the Southern Hemisphere successfully ticking along.

If you’ve looked at these employees and wondered how they got their job, or perhaps also wanted to join them, then you’re reading the right article; we’ll explain how you can apply for a position on the team working at Australian Open 2015.

Applications are now open for new people interested in working at the tournament, and regardless of your skill set or where your interest lies, you can be sure to find a role that ticks the box – there are more than 35 areas of employment for which you can apply.

Given the prestige of the Australian Open, it’s a competitive employment process. Each year a large number of staff return to work at the tournament from the previous year, giving new staff members the chance to learn from more experienced colleagues. “Our staff love working at the Australian Open and there are so many factors that draw them back each year,” says Lara Bernardo of Tennis Australia’s Human Resources team.

“The atmosphere during the tournament period is awesome, everyone has a great time and gets to make friends with others from all over the world, all while helping stage this massive Aussie Grand Slam event.”

Bernardo says that almost 4,000 people are expected to apply to work at Australian Open 2015, continuing the trend of an increasing number of applicants each year. Part of this year’s rise is thanks to social media; this has allowed Tennis Australia (TA) to reach out to the world to promote Australian Open employment and direct those interested to the employment page on TA’s website. This is where you head if you want to apply – simply complete an application and upload your CV. You have the rest of month to do this, with applications closing on 30 June 2014. New applicants should expect to know if they’re successful sometime between July and October.

> apply for a role at Australian Open 2015

With so many other people also applying, it’s important to make sure your application is the best it can be so you stand out from the pack. Ensure you view the videos as part of the application process, and tailor your CV to the area you wish to apply for. You must have unrestricted availability over the tournament period in January, and be able to attend the training sessions and inductions – not to be dreaded, they’re fun and informative – held at various times throughout the year.

There’s plenty of upside to doing so; employees receive meal benefits, tickets and other goodies all the while working in one of several exciting areas such as:

  • player services or accommodation
  • the media, broadcast or digital teams
  • court services
  • Australian Tennis Magazine, Cardio or Tennis Zone areas
  • AO Membership
  • scoring operations or coding
  • information technology
  • site operations
  • customer service roles like information services, retail or hospitality
  • transport
  • accreditation

Securing employment at the Australian Open can also open a whole host of doors from both an employment and career development perspective. “Having worked at an international sporting event will really stand out on your resume and can be great experience if you’re interested in developing a career in the events and sporting industries,” Bernardo says.

“Australian Open staff are able to develop their teamwork skills and gain exciting on-the-job experience, and there are also opportunities to return the following year, move into supervisory roles or even potentially work with Tennis Australia outside of the tournament period.”

So, if you’re a tennis fan, or love the idea of being part of a major international sporting and entertainment event, get online and submit your application – you could be a part of the team that helps bring the Australian Open to life in 2015!