Melbourne, Australia, 17 November 2013 | Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia’s kids’ starter program MLC Tennis Hot Shots has today signed Rebel as its Official Sports Retailer in an exciting two-year agreement that will help drive tennis participation.

Rebel will become the destination zone for all MLC Tennis Hot Shots equipment and tennis apparel, a range of product designed specifically for primary school aged children.

Rebel stores across Australia will retail a range of MLC Tennis Hot Shots licensed products including mini nets, red, green and orange starter tennis balls, plus sweatbands, headbands and t-shirts, skirts and shorts.

Top racquet brands Wilson, Babolat and Head will also be key supporters to this partnership to help ultimately drive more racquets into children’s hands.

The junior tennis section in each Rebel store will be branded with MLC Tennis Hot Shots signage and branding, making the purchasing process simpler and more educational for customers. Information will now be provided on which racquet is most suitable for children, depending on their age and tennis experience.

“MLC Tennis Hot Shots is very excited to partner with the largest sports retailer in Australia to help drive grassroots and junior tennis and encourage more children to play the sport,” said Alicia Molik, former world No.8 and ambassador of MLC Tennis Hot Shots.

“This is a great step forward for our program, giving all children access to the correct equipment for their age, making tennis not just easier but also maximising the development of their skills.”

Tennis Australia Director of Participation Craig Morris added: “This new relationship is a fantastic opportunity for the program especially as we move into the summer. The Australian Open is right around the corner and we hope to see more kids out there playing the sport we love.”

Rebel’s managing director Erica Berchtold said: “At Rebel, our aim is to increase the opportunities for kids to indulge in the sports they love and be more physically active.

“The MLC Tennis Hot Shots program is about making tennis more accessible and fun to children.  It’s something we’re proud to be involved in.”

MLC Tennis Hot Shots is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing junior participation programs that uses smaller racquets, nets and low compression balls to help encourage children to learn the sport through play.

In the 2012/2013 financial year, 90,351 children were registered MLC Tennis Hot Shots participants, with more than 500,000 children experiencing the program.

More than 550 schools have committed to include tennis in their health and physical education curriculum via the National School Partnership Program launched in January 2013.

Currently there are 1,105 registered MLC Tennis Hot Shots deliverers at over 1,000 official venues.

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