Melbourne, Australia, 20 September 2013 |

The Cardio Tennis program in Australia was recently endorsed by Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia and in the process became the first traditional sport in the country to be endorsed by the fitness industry.

Engaging over 30,000 registered fitness trainers in Australia will allow Tennis Australia to grow Cardio Tennis to meet customer demand for its fun and fitness-focused tennis product.

“Australia has always been a tennis-loving nation but not everyone has the time to play regularly in an organised way,” said Cardio Tennis leader Karen Clydesdale.

“Cardio Tennis is a great way to get involved in the sport in an all-new format and as a result is bringing people into and back into tennis.

“Fitness industry endorsement now means that fitness trainers can work together with Tennis Australia coaches to continue to grow the game of tennis through Cardio and other innovative ways.

“This is also a big opportunity for fitness trainers to provide value and work together with coaches who already deliver Cardio Tennis, which can lead to an increase in revenue and business growth.”

The first Tennis Australia Cardio Tennis Fitness Trainer courses will be held on 16-17 November in Victoria, 30 November – 1 December in New South Wales and 7-8 December in Queensland.

“We are excited by, and look forward to, working closely with the fitness industry to further improve the health and fitness of Australians through Cardio Tennis,” Clydesdale said.

Fitness Australia, one of the two major players in the fitness industry, currently has over 27,000 registered members holding Certificate 3 and 4 qualifications in fitness.

The Cardio Tennis program was reviewed in June 2013 and was endorsed by Fitness Australia for a total of 12 Continuous Education (CECs).

“The Cardio Tennis program is of a very high quality and represents the high standards we expect from National Sporting Organisations,” said an independent assessor.

“Cardio Tennis is a great example for other sports to follow.”

Do you know a fitness trainer with a background in tennis that might be interested in delivering Cardio Tennis?

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