Melbourne, Australia, 4 April 2013 |

Although it’s an increasingly rare stroke in the professional ranks, a one-handed backhand is among the most aesthetically-pleasing and versatile shots in the game.

Today in our “tennis tips” series, we take a look at how you can execute a quality one-hander, with Tennis Australia’s developmental tennis manager Scott Draper taking you through the most important steps, including:

1. Using an eastern grip

2. Turning your shoulders fully so they are facing down the court

3. Slightly flexing the hitting arm on take-back, with the other arm/hand supporting the racquet

4. Using a circular swing, bringing the racquet head and hand under the ball to generate topspin

5. Separating the arms/hands into impact, focusing your eyes and head on the ball

6. Through impact, continuing to extend the hitting arm as the opposite arm forms a counterbalance

And for further reference, you can take a look at how 17-time major winner Roger Federer and 2010 French Open champion Francesca Schiavone hit their classy single-handed backhands, to see how the pros do it.