Sydney, Australia, 19 June 2012 | Tennis Australia

FESTofALL, a free event for young carers, will take place on Sunday throughout all states in Australia, and MLC Tennis Hot Shots will form part of the action.

FESTofALL will be headlined at Sydney’s Luna Park Big Top, with free events and activities planned in every state for young carers.

MLC Tennis Hot Shots will be at the Sydney event, giving young carers the opportunity to try out the program and receive some tennis tips from local coaches.

> visit the MLC Tennis Hot Shots website to find out more

A young carer is somebody aged from five to 25 who provides regular and sustained care or assistance to someone who suffers from a condition – such as a disability, medical problem, mental illness or addiction – without receiving payment for their care.

The people they care for can include family members or friends, and the type of care may vary – it can range from physical care such as bathing and transport, to support such as cooking, cleaning, paying bills and providing company.

There are approximately 380,000 young carers in Australia, all of who must fulfil their role as a young carer while at the same time trying to work or study and enjoy a healthy social life.

The FESTofALL event is expected to bring around 5,000 young carers together.

It’s designed to give these young carers a day of fun, the chance to build support networks by meeting other young people in similar situations, and to be acknowledged for their selfless work.

Each event is free and open to all young carers as well as their friends and family.

> Visit the FESTofALL website for more information about tickets, locations and events