28 September 2011 | Jelena Dokic

I would like to confirm media reports that I have reconciled with my father Damir Dokic.

My partner Tin Bikic and I have visited my father at his home to finally put an end to our disagreement. I initiated the meeting as I want to reunite my family and allow us all to get on with our lives and be happy. This has gone on too long.

I am in a very positive and confident frame of mind in my life and I really wanted to do this because I believe it is the right thing to do both for me and for all of my family. My father was very receptive and I believe he has changed greatly. He understands that I am my own person who makes my own decisions.

He is now accepting of Tin and I am very pleased we have been able to sort things out. This has been a very uplifting experience for me and for my family. I am very excited about the future.

Can I please reiterate this is totally about family.

I want to thank the Australian public for their incredible ongoing support and assure everyone that I remain Australian and will continue to play for Australia and to play on the tour as an Australian. That is who I am. Please disregard any suggestions otherwise.

I plan to continue to work with my fantastic coach Louise Pleming with the ongoing support of Tennis Australia and am extremely thankful to  both for their help.

My next tour event will be in Linz, Austria, and I am fit and keen to keep improving on my ranking and looking forward to having a strong finish to the season. After that I have plans for a lot of hard work in the off-season to be ready for the Australian summer.