State League Honour Roll


David Blacklock Memorial Shield

In the mid 1960’s it was decided that both the Men’s and Women’s annual ‘A’ grade shield competition winners would be recognized with memorial trophies.

Slazenger donated a perpetual shield in memory of David Blacklock, their late Managing Director, who had been a tennis enthusiast.

In the 1966/67 shield season, Royal King’s Park became the first winner of the Blacklock Memorial Shield as the men’s ‘A’ Grade premiers.  Subsequent winners were:

1966-67 Royal Kings Park 1995-96 Reabold TC
1967-68 Claremont TC 1996-97 Cottesloe TC
 1968-69 Claremont TC 1997-98 Sorrento TC
 1969-70 Claremont TC 1998-99 Dalkeith TC
 1970-71 UWA TC 1999-2000 Dalkeith TC
 1971-72 UWA TC 2000-01 Cottesloe TC
 1972-73 Royal Kings Park 2001-02 UWA TC
 1973-74 Bayswater TC 2002-03 UWA TC
 1974-75 Claremont TC 2003-04 Cottesloe TC
 1975-76 Bayswater TC 2004-05 Reabold TC
1976-77 Fremantle TC 2005-06 Hensman Park TC
1977-78 Fremantle TC 2006-07 Hensman Park TC
1978-79 Bayswater TC 2007-08 Hensman Park TC
1979-80 Higgins Park TC 2008-09 Hensman Park TC
1980-81 Maylands TC 2009-10 Cottesloe TC
1981-82 Scarborough TC 2010-11 Hensman Park TC
 1982-83 Maylands TC 2011-12 Cottesloe TC
1983-84 Scarborough TC 2012-13 Cottesloe TC
1984-85 Scarborough TC 2013-14 Greenwood TC
1985-86 Hensman Park TC 2014-15 Hensman Park TC
1986-87 Dalkeith TC 2015-16 Cottesloe TC
1987-88 Dalkeith TC 2016-17 Hensman Park TC
1988-89 Royal Kings Park 2017-18 Mosman Park TC
1989-90 Dalkeith TC 2018 -19 Hensman Park TC
1990-91 Dalkeith TC 2019 – 20 No result due to COVID-19 pandemic
1991-92 Hensman Park TC 2020 -21 Hensman Park TC
1992-93 Dalkeith TC 2021-22 Hensman Park TC
1993-94 Dalkeith TC 2022-23 Cottesloe TC
1994-95 Wembley Downs TC 2023-24 Cottesloe TC


Laurie Toole Memorial Shield

The designation of a memorial shield for the men’s ‘A’ grade in the mid 1960’s prompted similar moves for the women’s ‘A’ grade.  An opportunity arose from sad circumstances when Laurie Toole, a great volunteer worker for the Association, died of a heart attack on 25 March 1967.  Laurie  played his early tennis in the 1930’s on the Goldfields, and later represented the Goldfields Association on the WALTA Council for many years.  As a teacher he was devoted to the development of tennis in schools, and was a member of the WALTA Junior Development Committee for over 20 years.  A band of anonymous donors presented a memorial shield in September 1967 to the President of WALTA, Norm Wasley, and the inscription read “In honour of a man who devoted a lifetime to the promotion of tennis.”

1966-67 Loton Park TC 1995-96 Cottesloe TC
1967-68 Alexander Park TC 1996-97 Cottesloe TC
1968-69 Royal King’s Park TC 1997-98 Blue Gum Park TC
1969-70 Claremont TC 1998-99 Cottesloe TC
1970-71 Royal King’s Park TC 1999-2000 Wembley Downs TC
1971-72 Royal King’s Park TC 2000-01 Blue Gum Park TC
1972-73 Fremantle TC 2001-02 Nedlands TC
1973-74 Fremantle TC 2002-03 Nedlands TC
1974-75 Fremantle TC 2003-04 Nedlands TC
1975-76 Fremantle TC 2004-05 Blue Gum Park TC
1976-77 Nedlands TC 2005-06 Nedlands TC
1977-78 Fremantle TC 2006-07 City Beach TC
1978-79 Fremantle TC 2007-08 UWA TC
1979-80 Fremantle TC 2008-09 City Beach TC
1980-81 Higgins Park TC 2009-10 Cottesloe TC
1981-82 Fremantle TC 2010-11 Cottesloe TC
1982-83 Fremantle TC 2011-12 City Beach TC
1983-84 Fremantle TC 2012-13 Hensman Park TC
1984-85 Fremantle TC 2013-14 City Beach TC
1985-86 Nedlands TC 2014-15 Blue Gum Park TC
1986-87 Nedlands TC 2015-16 Blue Gum Park TC
1987-88 Nedlands TC 2016-17 Cottesloe TC
1988-89 Blue Gum Park TC 2017-18 Royal Kings Park TC
1989-90 Reabold TC 2018-19 Royal Kings Park TC
1990-91 Reabold TC 2019 – 20 No result due to COVID-19 pandemic
1991-92 Royal Kings Park TC 2020 – 21 Hensman Park TC
1992-93 Royal Kings Park TC 2021-22 Hensman Park TC
1993-94 Cottesloe TC 2022-23 Peppermint Grove TC
1994-95 Blue Gum Park TC 2023-24 Hensman Park TC


Year Men’s State League MVP Women’s State League MVP
Summer 01/02 Mark Hlawaty Siobhan Drake-Brockman
Summer 02/03 Brett Patten Vanya Kelleher
Summer 03/04 Richard Sampson (Sorrento) Peta Taylor
Summer 04/05 Ashley Dyer Donna Blackwell (City Beach)
Summer 05/06 Blake Brinklow (Wembley) Siobhna Drake-Brockman (Nedlands)
Summer 06/07 Cameron Fenner (Hensman) Donna Blackwell (City Beach)
Summer 07/08 Cameron Fenner (Hensman) Donna Blackwell (City Beach)
Summer 08/09 Cameron Fenner (Hensman) Donna Blackwell (City Beach)
Summer 09/10 Callum Beale (Cottesloe) Bojana Bobusic (Cottesloe)
Summer 10/11 Rhys Johnson (Hensman) Madeleine Watson (Cottesloe)
Summer 11/12 Richard Sampson (Sorrento) Katy O’Shea (City Beach)
Summer 12/13 Miles Armstrong (Hensman) Shona Lee (North Beach)
Summer 13/14 Zach Itzstein (Hensman) Mykala Hedburg (North Beach)
Summer 14/15 Miles Armstrong (Greenwood) Nina Catovic (Blue Gum)
Summer 15/16 Joel Pleydell (Cottesloe) Kay-Leigh Nicholas (North Beach)
Summer 16/17 Sam Ashendon (Royal Kings Park) Katy O’Shea (Blue Gum)
Summer 17/18 Joel Pleydell (Cottesloe) Bojana Bobusic (Royal Kings Park)
Summer 18/19 Sam Ashenden (RKPTC) Nina Catovic (Blue Gum)
Summer 19/20 No result due to Covid-19 pandemic No result due to Covid-19 pandemic
Summer 20/21 Scott Webster (Dalkeith) Talia Gibson (Peppermint Grove)
Summer 21/22 Austin Vos (Hensman Park) Ella Nurkic (Hensman Park)
Summer 22/23 Max Weir (Cottesloe) Lauren Nikoloski (Dalkeith)
Summer 23/24 Will Hann (Cottesloe) Anja Dokic (Hensman Park)