What are Talent Development Coaches?

As part of the  Project Talent, Tennis Australia will recognise excellent, passionate coaches who specialise in the development of under 12 year olds.

These coaches are a vital element in the athlete development pathway and now have the opportunity to be recognised as a Talent Development Coach.

If you wish to get in touch with a Talent Development Coach in your area, please refer to the list below:

Platinum Talent Development Coaches

John Roberts – BRIXTON STREET TENNIS CENTRE [email protected]
Tate Roberts – BRIXTON STREET TENNIS CENTRE [email protected]
John Thorpe – DALKEITH TENNIS CLUB [email protected]


Talent Development Coaches

James Connelly – BLUE GUM PARK TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
David Culley – COTTESLOE TENNIS CLUB [email protected].com
Ash Dyer – GREENWOOD TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
Brad Dyer – GREENWOOD TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
Cameron Fenner – MIDLAND TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
David Kerr – ALBANY [email protected]
Ian Ketteringham – ALEXANDER PARK TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
Phillipp Lamprecht – NOLLAMARA TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
Joe McCarthy – WEMBLEY DOWNS TENNIS CLUB [email protected]
Peter Schoolkate – DOUBLE VIEW PRIMARY [email protected]
Warren Vickers – NEDLANDS TENNIS CLUB [email protected].com


To apply to become a Talent Development Coach, click here.

To apply to become a  Platinum Talent Development Coach, click here.


For more information please contact Damien Ward, Talent Development Manager – WA.

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 0466 411 591