Tennis Geelong Inc

Senior Draw & Contacts 2018-19


Grand Final Draw 23rd March 2019

Prelim and Semi Finals Draw for 16th March 2019

Semi Final Draw for 2nd March 2019

Alternate Venues:

Fyans Park



Note: A rule change relating to the use of a substitute in Men’s sections was voted in at the AGM this year.    Where a team has available more than the required number of qualified players, the team is permitted to play an additional one player. The additional player is permitted to participate in any position in either Set 1 or 2, as listed in the Order of Play (see By-Law 2.3.4), except in the event of sickness or injury to a player, then the additional player may substitute for the player unable to continue (see By-Law 2.6.1).

The score sheet for Men’s has been amended to reflect this change. This can be found under Competition Dates and Documentation, Senior Score sheets.