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Summer 2021-2022


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Tennis Victoria is piloting an exciting opportunity for premiership teams across Victoria to participate in an inter-association Championships.The long term goal is to provide all premiership teams within Victoria the opportunity to be crowned Best in the State for your standard.This year is designed to look at how the format and rating system can be used to ensure even competition, and then expanded from there.Tennis Geelong are able to submit two teams for the pilot, and will be offering all Saturday Senior Competition premiership teams the opportunity to apply to play in the pilot.To be eligible, you must:1. Win the premiership in your Section (Mens and Mixed)2. Have your whole team (at least 4) available to play at Royal South Yarra on both Saturday 23th April and Sunday 24th April3. As this is a Tennis Victoria event, all participants must be fully vaccinated. Applications will be asked for at the same time as photo registration, so you have plenty of time to discuss this with your team.Tennis Geelong Executive will make the decision on which teams we will put forward, once all applications are received.Attached are a flyer and FAQ sheet to cover some questions, and if you have any further questions, please let us know and we will do the best we can to answer them.

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