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Emergency Pools

Emergency Pool Listing

Interested in playing but don’t have a team?
New to the area and not sure where you want to play or what level you fit? Not available for a whole season but would like to help out when you can? Well maybe you would like to be part of our Emergency Pool

Please bear in mind we are starting with this concept and are trialling what works. If you have any feedback about what is good or needs improving, please let us know here: Feedback Form

All intended emergency pool players must be register on this form: EP Registration Form

GRADING: Players will be contacted by the relevant Competition Secretary to discuss where the player will be graded.
– Players will be graded and will be eligible to play for that section or above (pre-approved)
– The graded emergency pool list (with contact telephone numbers) will be distributed to the club contacts after grading each season, and added to the list available in the spreadsheet above.

CONTACTING: The captain (or team representative) is to contact the emergency pool player directly, to determine availability. If a player agrees to play, the captain (or team representative) is to contact the record secretary responsible for the Emergency Pool administration (Pool Record Secretary). The Pool Record Secretary will then add the Pool Emergency’s name to the team’s Player List on the online scoring system.
– Players can play any number of matches during a season.
– There is no restriction to the number of times a player can play with a team or club.

PLAYING: The emergency pool player should play at position 3 or 4 in single sex teams, or second male/women in mixed grades. (This does not apply to Section 1 teams as Section 1 is deemed to be an open section.)
– When entering results in the CRS, the pool player should be noted in the ‘Match Notes’. – Emergency pool players must play the required number of sets specified for the particular competition during the season to play in any finals match. – Emergency pool players graded section 1 are ineligible to play in any semi or grand final matches.
– A pool player cannot commit to a team then become unavailable in order to then play with another team.
– The grading committee can regrade (up or down) an emergency pool player at any time
– Players may not join the emergency pool during the season if they have already played with any team (as a member or emergency), unless permission is given by the relevant competition committee.