Tennis Geelong Inc


Match Centre is part of the new Tennis Australia computing system for Associations to run their competitions. This, in conjunction with League Manager, is the system Tennis Geelong is moving to for all its future recording.

The picture below is a quick link to our current competitions.


NOTE: A number of people have had difficulty accessing different parts of Match Centre since the upgrade that was done on 3rd October. The help desk has advised that your first step should be to delete any bookmarks to Match Centre and delete your browser history.
To do this, follow the guide below.
If you are still having trouble, please use the Chat button at the bottom of the screen to get further advice.
There also appears to be a lag with the updating of the scores from our website, as they currently appear to be updating overnight. We are still looking into this, and hope to have it back at live updates ASAP.
Thanks in advance for your patience

For further statistics and historical competition data, log in to Match Centre with your email, and search for Tennis Geelong