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Due to the success of the trial, we are running a NEW season of Night Competition from February 19 to April 3

**REGISTRATIONS have now closed. If you would like to be an emergency, please register using the link at the bottom of the page**

Information for PLAYERS

TUESDAY: Mixed Doubles                                                                         * Teams of 2 Men and 2 Women, each player playing two sets of Mixed Doubles

THURSDAY: Triples (Non-Gender Specific Singles and Doubles)          * Teams of 3 (Men and/or Women), each player playing one set of Singles and two of Doubles


NEW: You can enter your own team OR players can enter individually and we will match you up.

If you don’t have a full team but want to play with someone, requests will be accepted. Names will not be considered entered until payment is received. (See registration forms below for details)

Entries will be open from now until Sunday 3rd February, and are to be submitted on the form below.


If you can’t play every week, but would be happy to fill in when you are available, you can register as an emergency. You will be graded to a section, and the teams in these sections will be provided with your details and the weeks you are available so they can contact you directly.

Pre-graded emergencies will be added to the list at\tennisgeelonginc\night-competitions\emergency-pool


Players are responsible for finding their own emergencies. Look at\tennisgeelonginc\night-competitions\emergency-pool  for a guide on the emergencies that are available that week. Teams will be provided a list of graded emergencies appropriate for their section. You are welcome to use others, but these should be referred to Tennis Geelong to ensure grading stays even.


MIXED: Individual: $45   Team: $180

TRIPLES  Individual: $63   Team: $189

When registering, players are agreeing to play the 6 weeks of competition, therefore cover the whole cost of the six weeks.

If players are unable to play for any reason, emergencies are not expected to cover the cost of the week that they play.


Tennis Geelong will be providing players with information by email, so please make sure you enter this on your entry form.

Once teams are selected, a team list will be provided to each player, along with any graded emergencies. These lists will include phone numbers of each player.


Please find a copy of the rules, and method of play here: Night Pennant By-Laws – Interim


Teams will be appointed a Captain. This person is the contact for the team, and responsible for bringing a score sheet each week (printed from Match Centre) and score entry into Match Centre. (They don’t necessarily have to do this themselves, but ensure that it happens). They should also be advised if you are unable to play and who will be playing in your place.


Email [email protected]


Emergency Registration – Mixed and Triples