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Susan Bissett, after 19 years in the role, is standing down at the AGM in September. As such Tennis Geelong is asking the wider tennis community for anyone interested in filling this position. Susan plans to stay on the Competition Committee and will stay on hand for the transition and provide the assistance needed to move into this role.

If you are wondering what the job entails, there is a position description attached. The way team registration is done will change in the near future as we move to a new computer system, as the new system should be less labour intensive.

TG Competition Secretary

If you would like to be involved, but the job seems too big, after discussion with Susan, we believe that it would be possible to divide the duties to enable two people to share the role.

If you have an interest in seeing Saturday Senior competition grow and run into the future, please contact Susan, Donna, or any member of the Senior Committee, to discuss in more detail what is involved.

Please remember, without people in these roles, competitions can’t operate.

Donna Schoenmaekers


Tennis Geelong


The Association conducts a senior competition held on Saturday afternoons commencing at 1.30pm in Summer and 1.30 pm in Winter.

The Senior Winter competitions run from April  through August and the Summer competitions run from October through March with a long break over the Christmas period.

competition provides the following formats

3 men 3 lady teams playing 9 six game tie break sets comprising three mixed doubles, three women’s doubles and three men’s doubles.

2 men 2 lady teams playing 6 six game tie break sets comprising four mixed doubles, one women’s doubles and one men’s doubles.

4 man teams playing 6 six game tie break sets comprising six men’s doubles.