19 December 2020 | Tennis Queensland

As we continue to prepare for the return of Australian Ranking Tournaments from 1 January 2021, Tennis Australia has released a new Code of Behaviour National Policy.

The new Code of Behaviour can be found here along with a helpful summary document here.

Key points to note include:

  • Expected Behaviours (page 5)
    • This new section outlines the expectations for participants, and applies to both players and their entourage.
  • Code Violation – Late Withdrawal and/or Failure to Complete Match or Tournament (page 9)
    • Have now been combined into one code violation and players will be permitted four (4) Late Withdrawal and/or Failure to Complete Match or Tournament code violations in total in a calendar year without incurring disciplinary points
  • Administering Code Violations (page 14)
    • Tennis Australia has adopted the ITF Point Penalty Schedule were a player will be issued with a Warning – Point Penalty – Game Penalty as opposed to a first offence, second offence
  • Disciplinary Points restructure (page 11)
    • A player will no longer lose Australian Ranking points when reaching three or six disciplinary points
    • A new suspension table has been created to outline when a suspension will be activated and after how many disciplinary points have been accumulated
  • Disciplinary Review Panel (page 12)
    • The Disciplinary Review Panel (DRP) will review behavioural incidences that will be referred to them on a case-by-case basis

This new
Code of Behaviour is effective immediately.

you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tournaments team
in your state/territory or the Tennis Australia Tournaments team via email: [email protected].