18 December 2014 | Tennis Queensland

This year we took away an amazing group of kids to the Brisbane Jr Teams, they all went down there with a great attitude and as usual got a huge amount of compliments on how well behaved they all were and their amazing attitudes towards playing the game.

It was great as a manager to constantly get the comments from parents and other managers on how awesome our kids are.

The team we took away was combined from Far North and North players, they are all listed below….

Hope you have a good Christmas and can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Aaliyah Da Silva
Nikki Power
Erica Sarnacki
Rina Ikeda
Sienna Jenson
Taylah Smith
Etienne Horak
Kelese Kofe
Kanata Miyamura
Levi Thompson
Jake Hull
Adam Hobbs

Leacy Argent
Amy Hungerford
Antonia Barmettler
Annika Frew
Zeia Artavilla
Hannah Morgan
Zeydyn Fuller
Stefan Horak
Stanley Nyika
Seth Trinder
Cody Bucklar
Brock Thompson

Teah Argent
Addis Weldemariam
Jordyn Lizon
Sienna Mau
Mikaela Merker
Mika Stimson
Damon Hinrichsen
George Wright
Ben Rane
Stuart Bucklar
Marcel East
Max Harrison

Charlotte Bonnin
Madison Vinneconbe
Allesandra Byrne
Montana Byrne
Mitchell Weis
Alex Collinson
Jordan Mellish
Josh Barber
Mathew Henning
Ashley Grant