28 May 2014 | Tennis Queensland

Daynah Schofield of East Ayr State School was one of the lucky winners! Her winning chalk drawing is above.

The Chalk It Up competition saw a huge response from Hot Shots Players around the state, who used their imagination and creativity to decorate walls and pavements around their clubs with pictures of tennis.

Congratulations to all winners of the ‘Chalk It Up’ Competition who have all won an Apple iPod Shuffle. Check out their fantastic artworks on the Tennis Queensland Facebook page!

Prospect Creek State School

Central Region

Kurtis Barber – Brookfield Tennis Club

Metro Region

Emma Vicenzotti – St. Joseph’s Primary School

Central Region

Sarah Lemmon-Warde – Brookfield Tennis Centre

Metro Region

Daynah Schofield – East Ayr State School

North Region