Playing the game

“Playing the game” engages students in a modified environment while providing them with a platform to learn and develop their tennis skills.

This component of the Tennis in Secondary Schools program allows students to analyse, explore and ultimately apply the technical and tactical elements of the game of tennis.

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Accessible, fun and easy

The opportunity for students to learn in a modified environment, using tailored equipment, ensures they are introduced to tennis in a way that makes learning tennis accessible, fun and easy.

Providing students with tailored equipment in designated playing areas ensures that their skills are developed in a fun and safe environment before progressing to a full tennis court.

Tennis Australia has developed an enriching and highly stimulating program, which has the capacity to be delivered in a variety of instructional settings. This enables teachers to conduct the various games and activities on the different sizes of modified courts (i.e., red, orange and green) and to ensure all students are participating in the learning process regardless of their ability.

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