Nima Roshan

  • Age38
  • Born24 May 1985
  • Birth PlaceLos Angeles, USA
  • LivesMelbourne, Victoria
  • Pro Since2001

On court

  • lived close to his local tennis club, which is how he took an interest in the sport at age seven
  • one day he hopes to play at the Los Angeles Open because it’s been a long-term goal since he was a ball-kid for Pat Rafter at age 13
  • also hopes to compete in his favourite tournament, the Australian Open and represent his country
  • has a strong serve-volley game
  • believes that he needs to improve his confidence when things aren’t going his way on court

Off court

  • born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb of Noble Park
  • has two older siblings; brother Ali, 32, and sister Sepi, 34; parents Reza and Fatemeh are both retired


Nima Roshan in the news

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