Talent Development Coaches

Why a new program?

To create champions. After a successful period in developing the National Academies and the AIS Pro Tour program, which is an on-the-road travelling program, the next step is to further expand and focus on the ongoing development of our younger talent.

This is where the Talent Development Coaches program comes in. You, the private coaches, will have an opportunity to be part of a unique team across the country and will assist in delivering a targeted approach to developing our next group of champions.

What are Talent Development Coaches?

As part of the  Project Talent, Tennis Australia will recognise excellent, passionate coaches who specialise in the development of under12 year olds.

These coaches are a vital element in the athlete development pathway and now have the opportunity to be recognised as a Talent Development Coach.

How do I get recognised as a Talent Development Coach?

To be recognised and gain access to the exclusive benefits, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Tennis Australia Coach Member.
  • Hold a current TA/NCAS Club Professional, Level 3 or High Performance coaching qualification.
  • Have a track record in the successful development of athletes. This is measured by athlete participation and performance in national level competition (refer to the application form for detailed criteria).


Tennis Australia has appointed four Talent Development Coach Mentors – Ian Barclay, Bill Bowrey, Rob Kilderry and Gary Stickler. These mentors share their wealth of experience; provide support and assist Talent Development Coaches.

What are the benefits?

As part of this recognition, there are a wide range of benefits exclusively available to Talent Development Coaches. If successful, you will become part of a passionate and committed team of coaches from across the country who are helping to develop a new generation of internationally competitive tennis players. These players will become Australia’s future champions.

Why engage the private coaches?

The private coach is a critical component of building the base for the future. One of the many challenges in developing tennis potential is the lack of athletes choosing tennis as their primary sport.

It is Tennis Australia’s objective to increase the number of young athletes choosing tennis and, more importantly, to provide them with a focused program for development.

By recognising and increasing the number of private coaches who focus on developing under 12 year olds, we will be able to provide more resources and a coordinated approach. With this approach, Australia will have increased success in developing players.