Australia, 4 April 2024 | Leigh Rogers

Nick Kyrgios is determined to resume his professional playing career.

In an exclusive interview with The AO Show podcast, the 28-year-old Australian revealed he hopes to be back on tour soon.

“Just hang tight,” he said when asked if he had a message for his fans.

“I’ll be back on court soon and I’ll give you a little bit more to cheer about, that’s for sure.”

The former world No.13 has endured a challenging period, with knee and wrist surgeries restricting him to just a single match on the ATP Tour since October 2022.

“It’s arguably been one of the hardest years of my life tennis wise,” Kyrgios acknowledged.

“Everything else has been amazing, I can’t complain about anything else. But tennis wise, I’ve had some really hard conversations with myself.”

Yet through his dedication to rehabilitating his injuries, Kyrgios has proven to himself he still has unfinished business on court.

“Like why am I doing all this? Like I don’t have to do it, but I’m doing it for some reason,” Kyrgios said of his strict rehab routines. “So I know there’s still fire in the belly, which is good.

“I’m hitting for the first time next week, so as soon as I get back out on court, I guess it’s just going to be starting up, getting that load back through my wrist and my body.

“But look, I definitely will be coming back. It’s just hard to put an exact date on it because the injury was quite severe.”

Kyrgios revealed he is motivated to enjoy the process as much as possible.

“I’m getting to the point of my career where I know that I’ve had a lot of success and many athletes don’t even have a quarter the success of that, so it’s selfish for me to come back and demand to be making Wimbledon finals again,” he said.

“I’m going to take my time, come back and just enjoy being back out there.”

During the candid interview, the former world No.1 junior also reveals why he has no regrets.

“I’ve gone through so many life lessons and I’ve made so many bad decisions,” he admitted.

“(But) I’ve learned from those moments and now I feel extremely confident in my own skin. I don’t compare myself to others and I’m just trying to be better every day.”

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