Antalya, Turkey, 18 March 2024 | Leigh Rogers

Australian teams won four medals, including two gold, at the 2024 ITF Masters World Team Championships in Turkey this week.

Glenn Busby, Michael Ford, Wayne Pascoe and Stephen Dance won the Britannia Cup, awarded to the best performing nation in the men’s 65+ age group, for the second consecutive year.

Australia also claimed the Althea Gibson Cup as the best-performing nation in the women’s 70+ age group.

Captain Adrienne Avis suffered a knee injury late in the third set of her singles match in the gold medal play-off. But fortunately, Sally Van Rensburg stepped up to win her singles match and then combined with Helen Worland to secure the deciding doubles rubber.

Australian teams also collected bronze medals in the men’s 70+ and women’s 80+ categories.
2024 ITF Masters World Teams Championships
Australia’s results
Age group Category Team  Result
65 Men Glenn Busby (captain, Vic), Michael Ford (Qld), Wayne Pascoe (NSW), Stephen Dance (Tas) 1st (Gold)
70 Women Adrienne Avis (captain, NSW), Sally Van Rensburg (Vic), Helen Worland (NSW), Susanne Walter (Vic) 1st (Gold)
70 Men Ross Orford (captain, Qld), Andew Rae (Vic), Tony Dawson (Qld), Ian Thomas (Vic) 3rd (Bronze)
80 Women Judy Hancy (captain, Vic), Kim Blackburne (NSW), Bobbie Edwards (WA), Mary King (Vic) 3rd (Bronze)
75 Women Kerry Ballard (captain, NSW), Judith Rodins (Qld), Margaret Clode (Vic) 4th
80 Men Alan Walsh (captain, NSW), Gordon Waygood (NSW), Ian Davis (NSW), Herbert Chee (NSW) 4th
75 Men Roger Davey (captain, SA), Rob Bickmore (SA), Peter Holst (Qld), Mike Evans (Vic) 9th
65 Women Judith Buzza (captain, Vic), Sara Goddard (NSW), Jan Vick (Qld), Sue Henning (NSW) 15th

The Australian competitors now turn their attention to this week’s ITF Masters World Individual Championships, which are also being played in the Turkish city of Antalya.

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