Melbourne, Australia , 6 December 2023 | Leigh Rogers

Connor McEvoy’s first experience competing at Melbourne Park is certainly proving memorable.

The 14-year-old from Queensland has advanced to the boys’ singles semifinals at the 14-and-under Australian Junior Tour Masters, which are being played as part of the annual December Showdown.

Fourth-seeded McEvoy is yet to drop a set, conceding a total of 12 games across his four singles matches so far this week.

“I’m happy with how I’m playing,” McEvoy said after recording a 6-2 6-2 victory today against seventh seed Jenson Yokota-Ho in the quarterfinals.

“I’m getting better as the days go by.”

Yokota-Ho, a 13-year-old Victorian, was a standout performer at last year’s December Showdown, winning the 12/u boys’ singles and doubles titles.

McEvoy’s victory sets up a semifinal showdown with top seed Nikolas Baker, a 14-year-old Victorian who is also yet to drop a set in the tournament.

“We’ve had some close matches before, so hopefully it’s going to be a good match,” McEvoy said.

As the Sunshine Coast talent edges closer to winning his maiden national title, his determination grows.

“It would mean everything to me,” McEvoy said about potentially taking out the title. “I’ve been working hard for a long time now.”

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Regardless of the end result, McEvoy is relishing the opportunity to compete at a Grand Slam venue for the first time in his life.

“It’s a great feeling to be here,” said McEvoy, who has also progressed to the boys’ doubles semifinals alongside Western Australia’s George Diable.

“There’s a great atmosphere, the courts are great … it’s extra special knowing all the pros play on these courts. It makes me feel like a pro.”

The other boys’ singles semifinal will be an all-Victorian affair, with second seed Lachlan King facing No.13 seed Raphael Savelli.

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More than 260 of Australia’s leading junior athletes are competing at the 2023 December Showdown, which runs until 16 December at Melbourne Park. Entry is free for spectators wishing to attend.


Boys’ singles, quarterfinals
[1] Nikolas Baker (Vic) d George Wills (Vic) 6-1 6-0
[2] Lachlan King (Vic) d [10] Flynn Coventry-Searle (NSW) 6-4 6-2
[4] Connor McEvoy (Qld) d [7] Jenson Yokota-Ho (Vic) 6-2 6-2
[13] Raphael Savelli (Vic) d [11] Samarth Patel (Qld) 6-2 7-5

Girls’ singles, quarterfinals
[1] Jizelle Sibai (NSW) d [8] Emelie Chen (NSW) 6-7(3) 6-3 6-1
[2] Georgia Campbell (Qld) d [6] Bhavya Bhardwaj (NSW) 6-2 6-1
[3] Brooke Komorowski (NSW) d [5] Leana Nannapaneni (SA) 6-1 7-5
[16] Angel Warang (NSW) d [7] Jennifer Ott (NSW) 1-0 ret

Boys’ doubles, quarterfinals
[1] Nikolas Baker (Vic)/Lachlan King (Vic) d Arkin Amin-Patel (Qld)/Lachlan Rye (Qld) 6-2 6-4
[2] George Diable (WA)/Connor McEvoy (Qld) d Flynn Coventry-Searle (NSW)/Ethan Domingo (NSW) 6-2 6-4
[3] Shannon Anek (NSW)/Heaton Pann (NSW) d Oliver Hancin (Vic)/Hayato Sata (Vic) 6-3 6-2
Darren Lew (Vic)/Jonathan Zhang (NSW) d [4] Pengju Chen (NSW)/Samarth Patel (Qld) 6-1 4-6 [10-8]

Girls’ doubles, quarterfinals
[1] Georgia Campbell (Qld)/Jizelle Sibai (NSW) d Ashlee Lessue (SA)/Elisa Mouhtaropoulos (Vic) 6-2 6-3
[2] Scarlott Dattoli (Vic)/Leana Nannapaneni (SA) d Isabella Cameron (Vic)/Addison Franklin (WA) 6-3 6-0
[3] Brooke Komorowski (NSW)/Ruby Thompson (NSW) d Bhavya Bhardwaj (NSW)/Angel Warang (NSW) 6-7(4) 6-1 [10-7]
[4] Emilie Chen (NSW)/Vesna Marinkov (NSW) d Sofia Savic (Qld)/Isabella Welsh (Qld) 6-3 6-4

Boys’ singles, semifinals
[1] Nikolas Baker (Vic) v [4] Connor McEvoy (Qld)
[2] Lachlan King (Vic) v [13] Raphael Savelli (Vic)

Girls’ singles, semifinals
[1] Jizelle Sibai (NSW) v [16] Angel Warang (NSW)
[2] Georgia Campbell (Qld) v [3] Brooke Komorowski (NSW)

Boys’ doubles, semifinals
[1] Nikolas Baker (Vic)/Lachlan King (Vic) v [3] Shannon Anek (NSW)/Heaton Pann (NSW)
[2] George Diable (WA)/Connor McEvoy (Qld) v Darren Lew (Vic)/Jonathan Zhang (NSW)

Girls’ doubles, semifinals
[1] Georgia Campbell (Qld)/Jizelle Sibai (NSW) v [3] Brooke Komorowski (NSW)/Ruby Thompson (NSW)
[2] Scarlott Dattoli (Vic)/Leana Nannapaneni (SA) v [4] Emilie Chen (NSW)/Vesna Marinkov (NSW)

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