Perth, Western Australia, 3 November 2023 | Rhys de Deugd

Cameron Burton is a young Aussie on the rise.

He received the inaugural Kent Yamazaki Award at the WA Tennis Industry Awards in 2021. This award is named after a 15-year-old rising tennis star from Perth who tragically died in 2020 and honours an athlete who embodies values of grit, passion and friendship.

Burton became at national champion at the 2022 December Showdown in Melbourne, winning the 14-and-under doubles title.

The 15-year-old from Perth’s blossoming tennis career continues to springboard. This year he represented Western Australia at the National Teams Championships on the Gold Coast and was invited to participate at the inaugural Tennis Australia Talent Combine in Brisbane.

In our series profiling Australia’s most promising junior athletes, Burton reveals his biggest inspirations …

Tell us about your start in tennis?

I started with my brother and sister. They played so I really wanted to follow them and then I found I really liked the sport, so I kept going.

Are you competitive with your brother and sister?

My brother is five years older and my sister’s eight years older. We still compete heaps. It gets pretty fiery on the tennis court with us.

What do you enjoy most about tennis?

I like competing and pushing myself in training. I just like pushing myself.

What are the highlights of your tennis journey so far?

Definitely the America trip I went on this year. I was there for six weeks and it was really good fun. I played some really good matches and the coaches were really good. It was just really good fun.

What did you learn from your time in America?

The level in America is very strong. The people there do anything to win, and it’s really competitive.

What are your long-term goals in tennis?

I want to become a good player and make a living from it. Top 100 would be really nice.

How would you describe your game style in one sentence?

An attacking player, who’s a lefty.

Have you modelled your game on anyone in particular?

Rafael Nadal sort of, and I like Ben Shelton. Ben Shelton mainly.

If you could steal a stroke from any player what would it be?

Ben Shelton’s serve. I like Ben’s big serve and forehand.

Cameron Burton in action during the Tennis Australia Talent Combine. Picture: Tennis Australia

Cameron Burton in action during the Tennis Australia Talent Combine. Picture: Tennis Australia

What do you like to do off court?

I play lots of golf with a couple of my mates from home. It’s good to get a break from tennis. It’s really nice.

Are you really competitive on the golf course as well?

No, golf is more of a fun sport. Just to get out of the competitiveness is really good.

Is there anything about you that people might not know?

In my spare time I play a lot of Playstation and golf. I’m a right hander in golf and a left hander in tennis. Naturally left for most other things and just right handed for golf because it’s like a backhand.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Active. Not at home much. So I’d say very active.

How do you manage the travel and schooling at your age?

I’m pretty good with my school. Most of it is online. I go in every now and then. But I can do it online and I’d say I’m not too bad in school.

What are your favourite subjects?

Maths and science.

If you weren’t going to pursue a tennis career, what would you want to do?

I would still like to be involved in tennis somehow. Maybe coaching or something like that.

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