Canberra, Australia, 27 October 2023 | Leigh Rogers

Elijah Dikkenberg is one of the up-and-coming juniors in Australian tennis.

The 15-year-old is originally from Wagga Wagga and now based in Canberra, where he is coached by Australian Open 2007 boys’ singles champion Brydan Klein.

Dikkenberg is currently the second highest-ranked Australian boy in his age group and won his first ITF World Tour junior singles title in Fiji last week.

In our series profiling Australia’s most promising junior athletes, Dikkenberg shares his favourite tennis memories and future ambitions …

How did you get started in tennis?

I started playing at around eight or nine. My friend wanted to play tennis, so I joined him. I guess I caught onto it pretty quick, so kept playing more and more.

What do you enjoy most about tennis?

I like travelling the world, meeting new people, getting to know everyone and seeing how their games compare to ours in Australia.

Where have you travelled so far with your tennis?

I’ve gone to Florida in America, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Do you have a favourite place you’ve travelled?

Probably Florida. It’s really nice, the weather is nice and I like the beach.

What are your long-term goals in tennis?

The main goal is to get into the top 100 in the world and make a living out of it. I’d also like to play Davis Cup for Australia.

Who has been the biggest inspirations in your tennis journey so far?

I’d say my coach, Brydan Klein, and my parents. Watching the pros on screen also influences me.

Who are your favourite players to watch?

Roger Federer, when he used to play, and Carlos Alcaraz.

Elijah Dikkenberg at the recent Tennis Australia Talent Combine in Brisbane. Picture: Tennis Australia

Elijah Dikkenberg at the recent Tennis Australia Talent Combine in Brisbane. Picture: Tennis Australia

Do you remember the first player you got an autograph or selfie with?

I think it may have been Daniil Medvedev one year at the Australian Open when I was about 11.

What do you like to do when you’re not playing tennis?

I play Xbox and hang out with my brother and sisters. I think chilling out outside of tennis is important.

Is it difficult managing school with your training and competition schedule?

I do distance education, so I can do school from home at any time of the day.

What are your favourite subjects?

I like English and PE (physical education).

Can you describe your game style in one sentence?


If you could steal a stroke from any other player, what would it be and why?

Probably Nick Kyrgios’ serve. He’s got a really big serve and it goes in a lot.

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