Australia, 20 September 2023 | Leigh Rogers

Emma Watkins is a much-loved Australian children’s entertainer.

She is a former member of The Wiggles, has released her own range of children’s books and music as Emma Memma and tours the country aiming to empowering the next generation through movement, creativity, inclusiveness and friendship.

Watkins has also appeared television programs The Masked Singer, Lego Masters and will soon feature in The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition.

In our Celebrity Match series, Watkins reveals she is a tennis fan too …

Tell us about your tennis experience. Have you played before?

I love tennis! I love it so much, I think I can play it and I’m not great, but I would love to be better. I had tennis lessons at primary school and my tennis coach used to say to me ‘Emma, stop dancing around the ball, just hit it!’

What is your best shot?

I haven’t had any memorable shots, but here’s to the future.

What is your earliest tennis memory?

Playing tennis in primary school, having lessons after class and my tennis teacher laughing at my feet dancing around too much.

Do you have a favourite tennis memory?

I remember in year six I won a rally and I received this very tall trophy. It ended up being my biggest trophy, despite going to dance competitions every second weekend for years!

Do you remember the first professional match you saw live? Who played?

I saw Venus Williams play at the Sydney Olympics. I was only 11 at the time and I remember feeling bewildered that she was there in real life. It felt like I was watching a movie!

Who is your favourite tennis player to watch and why?

Roger Federer because he just glides like a dolphin. Also because his game can be such a cliffhanger.

If you could meet any tennis player, who would it be and why?

Ash Barty, because she is just the best!

Finally, can you please finish these sentences for us …

The best part of the Australian Open is … the camaraderie amongst the players and the feeling of summertime watching the tennis with your family.

Tennis is fun because … it feels like school ping pong super size!

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