Melbourne, Australia, 10 March 2023 | Leigh Rogers

Resilience is reaping rewards for rising Australian Jaimee Fourlis. The 23-year-old from Melbourne has overcome major injury setbacks to sit at world No.152 and is proud to now be inspiring others.

Fourlis, who was an Australian Open 2022 mixed doubles finalist and won her eighth career ITF singles title last month, shares an insight into her practice routines and important career lessons in our Training tips series …

How many hours, on average, do you practice during a week?

A lot (laughs). Sometimes I’ll do two hours in the morning and then an hour in the afternoon if we’re working on specifics. Sometimes I’ll do some longer two-and-a-half or three-hour sessions. I do play a lot of three-set matches, so it is good for me to practice playing that long.

What is your favourite time of the day to practice?

I think everyone likes to practice at midday so that you are able to sleep in. But if not, I don’t mind an 8am practice. In the moment you hate it, but it’s something I’m used to and been doing since I was really young.

What is the favourite part of your game to practice?

I’d have to say coming to the net. Anytime I’m doing volleys, smashes or drive volleys, that’s probably my favourite.

What is the least favourite part of your game to practice?

Anytime I have to run side-to-side is my least favourite, but it is part of my game a lot, so I have to do it a lot and I’ve learned to love it.

Do you prefer routine or variety during practice sessions?

I’m pretty routine based as a person, so I like to know what I’m doing. My coach also likes to do the same thing, so I’m pretty happy with that.

How important is incorporating rest days into your practice schedule?

I think that is really important. Over the past two years I’ve really prioritised recovery a lot and that’s helped me. I’ve been making sure I don’t over do it. Recovery is always key. It’s a cliché thing to say, but it’s so true.

Do you pay attention to the practice and recovery routines of other players on tour?

Yeah. Sometimes when you’re in the gym you’ll watch what other people are doing. But then sometimes I’m in my own little bubble and just worrying about myself.

Do you have any regular practice partners on tour?

I practice a lot with the girls who live in Melbourne – Dash (Saville), Storm (Hunter), Ellen (Perez), Sam (Stosur) and Maddy (Inglis) too. I’m pretty lucky that I have a lot of boys my age or older than me that I can ask to hit with, and they’ll say yes too.

Do you remember the first time you practiced with a professional player?

It probably would have been Sam (Stosur). Anytime I step on court with a player like Sam, Ash (Barty) or Dasha (Saville) I get pretty nervous, because I don’t want them to have a bad practice. I always try to do everything right to make them have a good practice.

Do you have a most memorable practice session?

Really anytime I’ve got to hit with Ash (Barty). I got to practice with her before she started playing again. That was unreal and a highlight for me.

Is there anyone on tour who you would love the opportunity to practice with?

I think Iga (Swiatek), that would be really cool. I got to share a court with her at this year’s Australian Open, before we got kicked off. That’s the closest I’ve got to practice with her.

Is there any player in history you wish you had a chance to practice with?

Serena (Williams). I’d love to have the opportunity to play against her or hit with her. I’ve watched her from afar, to hit with her would be a highlight.

What advice would you give to an aspiring player to get the most from their practice sessions?

Every moment counts and quality is better than quantity. One hour of good practice is better than three hours of terrible practice. That’s what I’ve learned along the way and really tried to emphasise the past two to three years. I think it’s going okay for me.

Finally, if you had five minutes left in a practice session and could do anything you want, what would you do?

Reflex volleys.

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