Melbourne, Australia, 18 November 2022 |

Ambitious and creative technology startups are being offered an incredible opportunity to get into global sport, events and entertainment through Grand Slam tennis.

The launch of AO StartsUps is the latest step in Tennis Australia’s innovation program which helps bring cutting-edge technological advantages into various aspects of the sport including performance analysis, fan engagement, media and entertainment.

AO StartUps will provide emerging founders the opportunity to prove their business models in real time and directly access proprietary intel and exposure at one of the world’s largest sports and entertainment events.

It’s been designed to extract maximum value for the startup and streamline corporate processes that can often stifle innovating at speed.

The creation of AO StartUps follows the launch of Tennis Australia’s Venture Capital fund (Wildcard Ventures) and its multi-year partnership with global accelerator powerhouse, Techstars.

“Our partnership with Techstars reinforced just how important the entrepreneurs and early stage tech community can be in shaping the trajectory of innovation. AO Startups is a necessary and natural extension of our desire to do things differently and quickly … with the help of others,” explained Tennis Australia’s Head of Innovation, Dr Machar Reid.

“Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain technology, sensors and wearables are all playing increasingly critical roles in the way we live our lives. This is an opportunity to apply those and other technological advancements to gains for fans, players, coaches and administrators at the Australian Open and throughout international tennis.

“It is an exciting project and we have high hopes to help many startups put their stamp on the sporting world.”

AO StartUps is calling for early stage tech companies to make their case by 14 December for admission into AO 2023.

The sport and entertainment verticals of most interest in this first intake include athlete performance, injury prevention, esports and gaming, climate action and the fast-growing Padel tennis.

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