Australia, 4 December 2020 |

More than 850 participants will take part in the UTR Junior State Performance Championships, a new series of events taking place across seven Australian states and territories this month.

The new set of tournaments commence tomorrow and run until Tuesday 22 December, replacing the annual December Showdown due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and state border restrictions this year.

Junior players will instead compete in their home states, including New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT in the following age groups:
– 12 and under
– 14 and under
– 16 and under
– 18 and under

“While it’s been a tough year for tennis players, we are fortunate in Australia that through UTR we’ve been able to continue to provide competitive opportunities for both juniors and pro players,” UTR Junior State Performance Championships manager Francis Soyer said.

“We know our junior players love any opportunity to compete and come together with their peers, and we hope the UTR State Performance Championships in each city provide a strong platform for juniors of all ages to do so in a fun and competitive way.”

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Australian junior players who have competed in Australian Ranking tournaments and UTR events this year are eligible for the UTR Junior State Performance Championships. A player’s current Universal Tennis Ranking will be used to determine if they qualify for the relevant age group.

UTR Junior State Performance Championships calendar
Location Dates
ACT Tennis World, Canberra 5-8 December: 14/U, 18/U
12-15 December: 14/U, 18/U
New South Wales Gosford Tennis Centre, Gosford 6-11 December: 12/U, 16/U
14-19 December: 14/U, 18/U
Queensland Griffith University Tennis Centre, Brisbane 12-16 December: 14/U, 18/U
18-22 December: 12/U, 16/U
South Australia / Northern Territory West Lakes Tennis Club, Adelaide 16-18 December: 12/U, 14/U, 16/U, 18/U
Tasmania Domain Tennis Centre, Hobart 11-13 December: 12/U, 16/U
18-20 December: 14/U, 18/U
Victoria Bendigo Tennis Centre, Bendigo 5-9 December: 12/U, 16/U
12-16 December: 14/U, 18/U
Western Australia State Tennis Centre, Perth 7-11 December: 14/U, 18/U
12-16 December: 12/U, 16/U

For further information including entry details, acceptance lists, live scoring and tournament information visit:

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