Sydney, Australia, 22 August 2020 | Leigh Rogers

Pip Edwards is an Australian fashion designer and co-founder of sportswear label P.E Nation. She is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the Australian fashion industry.

In our Celebrity Match series, Edwards reveals her rekindled love of tennis …

Tell us about your tennis experience. Have you ever played?

I used to play tennis throughout high school and loved it. But once I left high school, I very rarely picked up a racquet. It’s been so awesome to re-connect with the game now in my 40s and feel so energised. It brings me great joy being back on the court and it’s also been amazing to get my boyfriend (former Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke) taking lessons on the court with me. He is a natural – of course, which is kind of annoying – but this makes him the best doubles partner!

What is your best shot and why?

Well, I used to say my double-handed backhand was my winning shot. But since I’ve been getting back into lessons, my forehand has improved dramatically.

What is your earliest tennis memory?

I think there is a photo of me on a tennis court when I was three and the racquet was bigger than me! I started playing tennis a little more seriously through primary school and in high school, it was my only sport of choice.

Do you remember the first professional match you saw live? Who played?

Can you believe the first professional match that I saw played live was actually in January 2020 at the Australian Open, where I watched a typical nail-biting match with Roger Federer! It was the most electric experience I have ever witnessed. I also got to watch Coco Gauff and she was incredible. So young and so powerful! I also had the pleasure of meeting Alicia Molik at the tournament, who blew me away with her energy and knowledge. I used to love watching her back in the day, she was so talented!

Who is your favourite tennis player to watch?

I have to say, Andre Agassi will always be an all-time favourite!

If you could meet any tennis player, who would it be and why?

I’m so excited that I have had some incredible Aussie pro talent reach out to have a hit, so I can’t wait to get on the court with Jelena Dokic. I currently get coaching from former pro Louise Pleming, so she is preparing me for that hit with Jelena. I need a few more lessons before that happens!

Finish these sentences …

The best part of the Australian Open is … the energy in the crowd and the passion the crowd shares for the game and the players. Watching the Australian Open is mesmerising – you can hear a pin drop and everyone is on the edge of their seats!

Tennis is fun because … because it gets your body moving, it sparks a competitive nature, and it’s the best social activity there is that can take you beyond your youth! I am the truly the biggest fan. My tennis lessons are the highlight of my week.