Australia, 7 August 2020 |

The UTR Pro Tennis Series in Australia has been extended with new Pool A and B events in Sydney and Brisbane added to the calendar.

From Sunday 9 August to Friday 4 September, professional tennis players will have the opportunity to compete for an additional $171,500 in prize money.

Both Sydney and Brisbane will host three new Pool A events and two Pool B events. Matches in Sydney will start on Sunday and in Brisbane on Tuesday.

Sydney Pool A field, 9- 12 August
Men UTR Women UTR
Aleksandar Vukic 14.77 Destanee Aiava 12.29
Rinky Hijikata 13.82 Abbie Myers 11.84
Benard Nkomba 13.31 Alexandra Bozovic 11.67
Cameron Green 13.26 Lisa Mays 10.74
Matt Reid 13.77 Taylah Lawless 10.64
Nikita Volonski 13.08 Bojana Marinkov 10.22
Brisbane Pool A field, 11- 14 August
Men UTR Women UTR
Jason Kubler 14.81 Lizette Cabrera 12.38
Alexander Crnokrak 13.75 Naiktha Bains (GBR) 11.81
Dane Sweeny 13.56 Olivia Gadecki 11.44
Blake Ellis 13.53 Gabriella Da Silva-Fick 11.31
Brandon Walkin 13.35 Olivia Tjandramulia 11.23
Moerani Bouzige 13.21 Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz 11.02
Calum Puttergill 13.18
Chen Dong 12.73

Updated UTR Pro Tennis Series events calendar:

Event 1 – Sydney (9-12 August), Brisbane (11-14 August)
Event 2 – Sydney (15-18 August, men only), Brisbane (17-20 August)
Event 3- Sydney (25-28 August, men only), Brisbane (27-30 August)

Event 2 – Sydney (15-18 August, women), Sydney (20-23 August, men), Brisbane (22-25 August)
Event 3- Sydney (25-28 August, women), Sydney (30 August-2 September, men), Brisbane (1-4 September)

> All matches will be streamed on Tennis Australia’s YouTube channel

The UTR Pro Tennis Series in Australia provides players with the opportunity to compete for prize money during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strict biosecurity measures will be in place at each event, including:

  • Daily health and temperature checks for all on-site personnel
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres
  • Minimal personnel on site including no fans and ballkids, reduced linespeople
  • Additional hygiene practices and measures in place, including encouraging frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitiser
  • Thorough cleaning practices, including between matches
  • Players will tap racquet instead of shaking hands
  • Separate player benches and players encouraged to change ends on opposite sides of the court
  • Players advised to bring own towels, food and drinks
  • Players to spend minimal time onsite and encouraged to arrive, play and depart, not use showers within the venue and limit their time in any communal area, all in accordance with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport.

What is a UTR? Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is an international tennis rating system that connects millions of tennis players around the world to help them find better matches locally. UTR reflects a player’s current skill level based on head-to-head match scores, and rates all players across age, gender and nationality on the same 16-point scale. Every player can have a UTR – from the pros to juniors to social tennis players.

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