Melbourne, Australia, 20 June 2020 | Leigh Rogers

Australia fell in love with journalist Georgia Love on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette. Since finding love on reality television, the reporter’s profile has soared. She now works for 10 News in Melbourne, oftens appears on both Studio 10 and The Project and is official ambassador of The Pancare Foundation.

In our Celebrity Match series, Love reveals why attending the Australian Open is always a summer highlight …

Tell us about your tennis experience. Do you play?

I do, but not well! I was so inspired by the Australian Open one year when I was about 19, I actually took myself to one-on-one lessons so I’d be good enough to play with friends socially. I improved but I’m still not good, so I prefer to watch!

What is your best shot?

Genuinely just easy ones that come to me without much power. I’m really not very good!

What is your earliest tennis memory?

My Mum was a really keen tennis player socially, so I have very strong memories of watching her play a couple of times a week and thinking her 80s pink and white tennis outfit was so cute!

Do you have a favourite tennis memory?

The first time I ever watched Roger Federer play at Rod Laver Arena (in person as opposed to on TV). He is so phenomenal to watch and I absolutely loved being there in the thick of it.

Do you remember the first match you saw live?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was the first really well known professional I watched live. I just couldn’t believe that the person I’d watched on TV was playing right there in front of me!

Who is your favourite tennis player to watch and why?

It’s hard to go past Federer as I just love him! But Novak Djokovic is probably my favourite to actually watch as his movements and trick shots absolutely blow my mind.

If you could meet any tennis player/s, who would it be and why?

Federer! I just love him and he seems so, so lovely!

Finish these sentences –

The best part of the Australian Open is … the vibe it brings to the whole city. Melbourne really steps it up a notch and it’s so exciting to be here during that time.

Tennis is fun because … anyone can play it. From just playing socially yourself even up to elite level, there’s really no age limitations.