Australia, 1 May 2020 |

Social distancing and isolation does not mean tennis has to stop.

There are many different ways to keep playing, as our newly-launched #HomeCourtTennis program demonstrates.

Need some further inspiration on how to play at home? Take a look at these #HomeCourtTennis experiences …

A brick wall can become your most challenging opponent:

A trampoline doesn’t miss a ball either:

Training tools are perfect for playing at home too:

Some children are rallying with their parents in the backyard:

Chairs are becoming tennis net posts:

Sometimes with children in them:

Drive ways are proving popular places to play:

A balcony can make a great court too:

Tennis balls have many uses:

And finally, you can even have fun with only a ball of paper and a saucepan …

How are you playing tennis in isolation? Share your home tennis experiences on social media using the hashtag #HomeCourtTennis