Melbourne, VIC, 8 March 2019 |

‘We will keep driving change’

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley today pledged on-going support for gender equality as the world turned its focus towards women.

“Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and the incredible gains that have been made by women and for women across the globe,” said Tiley, who joined the Sport Male Champions of Change in 2015 and who is regarded as one of the movement’s “most innovative and forward thinking” leaders in sport.

“I am proud to lead a sports organisation that champions gender equity across all levels of tennis,” Tiley said.

“From prize money and exposure, to leadership, to having more girls playing the sport and female coaches guiding them. We will keep driving change until there is true balance.”

Tennis Australia recently endorsed the Male Champions of Change ‘Pathway to Pay Equality’ report which outlined “a systemic approach to achieve equal pay for male and female sports stars involving codes, sponsors and governments.”

Equal prize money was introduced to the Australian Open in 1984 and Tiley said he looked forward to all sports making this a priority.

“It matters a great deal to me personally, and professionally, that people step into tennis knowing they have arrived on an equal playing field,” he said on Friday.

“We have made great progress, but there is more to be done. Whatever it takes, we will get there through diligence, self-examination and by creating ever more opportunities across the board in the interests of gender equality.”

The Australian Open increased prize money to an historic high of AUD$62.5 million in 2019, up 14 per cent on 2018.

Both singles champion won $4.1million.