Brisbane QLD, Australia, 19 November 2014 | Tennis Queensland

Beenleigh Blaze Men:

The Beenleigh Blaze will field a squad filled with experience in the 2014 ATL Queensland Conference as they attempt to win a maiden conference title.

The Blaze will be led by Mark Draper, a player who has made both the Australian Open and Wimbledon main draw, even advancing to the second round at Wimbledon. Joining him will be John James, another experienced campaigner along with Johnny Stamenovic, who used to be the coach of Bernard Tomic, as well as formerly being the number two player in Queensland himself.

Beenleigh Blaze Women:

The Beenleigh Blaze made the final last year for the second successive year and for the second successive year they fell just short of the Shaw Park Sharks. They will be hoping that the third time is indeed the charm in 2014.

The Blaze have once again set themselves up for success by returning the vast majority of last year’s squad, led by key player Shannon Stamenovic, alongside young Kimberly Birrell.