Melbourne VIC, Australia, 12 September 2014 |

Tennis Australia (TA) is one of three national sporting bodies to recently sign up to the National Sport Inclusion Alliance (NSIA).

NSIA organisations are required to demonstrate the development of targeted and personalised ‘goals for inclusion’.

TA’s goals include partnering with clubs and external organisations to more effectively engage the community with the sport through club and community awareness and effective communication.

“Tennis has always been an inclusive sport, engaging men and women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We look forward to working with the NSIA to develop innovative and inclusive programs that help build healthy, socially connected and successful communities,” said Brenda Tierney, TA’s Community Partnerships Manager – Inclusion.

TA was joined by Golf Australia and Badminton Australia in the alliance, taking the total number of Australian sporting organisations within the NSIA to eight.

The other member federations include Swimming Australia, Softball Australia, Bowls Australia, Tenpin Bowling Australia and Table Tennis Australia.

The NSIA says this growing membership base demonstrates a clear recognition by the Australian sports sector that the alliance has a vital role to play in the development of inclusion in all levels of sport.