Adelaide SA, Australia, 20 November 2013 | Tennis Australia

The Drive men’s put on a dominant display in the fourth round of ATL on Tuesday night at Memorial Drive with a six rubbers to one win over the Broadview Tigers. The Drive got out of the blocks with Paul Kramberger and Lawrence Bataljin both accounting for their opponents in straight sets. In the Doubles The Drive’s Yuya Ito and Luke Smith were too strong for Marty Richards and Daniel Crago winning 4-1 4-1.


In the top of the table clash between the Trinity Titans and Glenlea Gators it was the Titans who came out in front with a five rubbers to one win.  Gator Jack Schipanski won the only rubber for Glenlea with a three set win over Darren Polkinghorne at number one single. Colin Ebelthite and wildcard player Patrick Ganet both recorded straight sets wins for the Titans who go into the final round a league leaders.


In the women’s draw the Tea Tree Gully Timberwolves gave the Flagstaff Freighters their best challenge yet winning two rubbers against the 2012 Champions. The Timberwolves will go into the final round in second position with a strong chance of meeting the Freighters again in the finals on November 29th.


The Drive women were too strong for the improving Goodwood Saints side. Saint Nikki Milner caused the upset of the round defeating The Drive’s Asaka Hiura 4-3 4-2 however The Drive’s Melissa Beadman and Mel Clayton guide them home with straight sets singles wins.


In the final women’s match The Trinity Titans overcame a plucky Glenlea Gators outfit led by Olivia Ley at number one single. Ley had her best win of the ATL so far beating touring player Leah Daw 4- 3 4-3. The Titans were able to steady with staright sets wins to Amy Yusa and Natasha Waterman before finishing up the tie by winning both doubles matches.


The fifth and final round now moves to the Broadview Tennis Club on Thursday the 21st of November where the ladder placing will be decided before the ATL finals held at Memorial Drive on Friday November 29th.




South Australia: Men’s – Round 4:


The Drive 6-12-48 def Broadview Tigers 0-0-20;

R1 – P Kramberger Def. K Willson 4-3 4-1

R2 – Y Ito Def. M Richards 4-2 4-2

R3 – L Bataljin Def. D Crago 4-1 4-1

R4 – S Longhurst Def. L Smith 4-3 4-2

R5 – Y Ito/LL Smith Def. M Richards/D Crago 4-1 4-1

R6 – P Kramberger/M Butcher Def. K Willson/L Smith 4-1 4-2


Trinity Titans 5-11-53 def Glenlea Gators 1-4-32;

R1 – D Polkinghorne Def by. J Schipanski 3-4 4-2 3-4

R2 – C Ebelthite Def. P Kokkinakis 4-0 4-0

R3 – P Ganet Def. DJ Hobart 4-1 4-3

R4 – L Tu Def. J Boots 4-1 3-4 4-3

R5 – C Ebelthite/P Ganet Def. J Schipanski/P Kokkinakis 4-2 3-4 10-7

R6 – A Alessandrini/D Polkinghorne Def. DJ Hobart/J Boots 4-1 4-3



South Australia: Women’s – Round 4:


The Drive 5-10-45 def Goodwood Saints 1-4-26;

R1 – A Cannizzaro Def. B Milner 0-4 4-2 4-3

R2 – M Clayton Def. C Connolly 4-1 4-2

R3 – M Beadman Def. A Marshall 4-0 4-0

R4 – A Hiura Def by. N Milner 3-4 2-4

R5 – A Cannizzaro/M Clayton Def. B Milner/C Connolly 3-4 4-1 10-4

R6 – M Beadman/M Leyden Def. A Marshall/N Milner 4-1 4-0


Flagstaff Freighters 4-9-46 def Gully Timberwolves 2-5-31;

R1 – J Moore Def. J Lin 4-1 4-1

R2 – K Wlodarczak Def. C Dixey 4-0 4-0

R3 – N Collie Def. C Hule 3-4 4-3 4-2

R4 – P Hule Def by. N Kraemer 2-4 4-3 2-4

R5 – J Moore/T Kotsiou Def. C May/C Dixey 4-0 4-1

R6 – K Wlodarczak/N Collie Def by. N Kraemer/C Hule 2-4 1-4


Trinity Titans 4-9-44 def Glenlea Gators 2-4-26;

R1 – L Daw Def by. O Ley 3-4 3-4

R2 – J Petrov Def by. M Frahn 4-3 1-4 1-4

R3 – N Waterman Def. M Ahern-Briggs 4-1 4-0

R4 – A Yusa Def. I Ryles 4-0 4-1

R5 – L Daw/J Petrov Def. O Ley/M Frahn 4-2 4-3

R6 – N Waterman/N Vujic Def. I Ryles/M Ahern-Briggs 4-0 4-0