Australia, 15 October 2013 |

The AO Blitz competition has begun, giving participants the chance to win major prizes and have an Australian Open 2014 player represent their local town or community.

You can play as an individual or you can sign up as a school or club.

A series of tennis-related challenges are available for you to attempt and you earn points for each completed challenge. The more points you earn, the greater your chances of scoring prizes and the more points your town receives, increasing the chances of scoring a top player at Australian Open 2014.

Challenges include signing up to programs such as MLC Tennis Hot Shots or Cardio Tennis to attending a coaching session or doing an impersonation of your favourite player.

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The top 256 towns, based on their tennis power calculated from points earnt and number of entrants, will receive a player to represent them at the first Grand Slam of the year.

If your town is allocated the eventual men’s and women’s singles champions, your town will be rewarded with an AO Blitz party and the leading individual point scorers from the towns win a $10,000 ANZ Advantage Access account.

The highest male and female individual point scorers from the whole competition win Australian Open 2014 finals tickets, while simply signing up puts you in the draw to win a Kia Sportage 2WD manual sedan.

As part of the AO Blitz, Tennis Australia are doing a roadshow trip around Australia. There will be chances to try MLC Tennis Hot Shots and Cardio Tennis as well as get photos with the Australian Open trophies as part of the town visits.

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For more information, head to or follow the Blitz and on Twitter @aoblitz.