Melbourne, 1 June 2013 | Matt Trollope

If you have never before worked at the Australian Open and think you would be well-suited to an exciting and dynamic role, then your chance is fast approaching.

From 1 June positions will be open for new applicants, who have until 30 June to submit their CVs for a chance to work at one of the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment events.

And whatever your skill set, you’re bound to find a role that is tailor-made for you – Tennis Australia is seeking to recruit employees for more than 20 functional areas of the tournament.

Although ideal employee attributes will vary from role to role, Tennis Australia’s HR Business Partner  Alisa McAlpine says that some are necessary across all areas of Australian Open employment.

“Overall we would like all employees to display behaviour and have proven experience in line with our core values: high service excellence, integrity and teamwork,” she said.

There are roles involving direct interaction with players such as in accommodation, transport and player services, and ones that get you on the court and among the action including those in ballkid operations, court services and officiating.

Prefer a more behind-the-scenes role? Consider digital and media (responsible for coverage of the Australian Open and operation of the media centre) or functional roles such as those in accreditation, IT, safety, reception and uniforms.

If customer service is your thing, you can apply for jobs in hospitality, information services and Lacoste Retail, or work in promoting Tennis Australia programs and publications such as Australian Tennis Magazine, Cardio Tennis, Hotshots and AO Membership.

“Each functional area recruits at a different time between July and October, so while you apply in June, depending on the area you may not hear from us until October,” McAlpine explained.

Working at the Australian Open provides an incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience, which staff can take with them into the future as they seek more permanent employment and as their career progresses.

“It’s a great way to develop experience in the sporting and events industries and helps you gain exposure to an international event,” McAlpine said.

“Staff will also develop skills in a team environment and learn plenty about relationship development.”

Plus, with more than 1600 Tennis Australia employees typically working at the tournament, it’s a great way to meet new people, share experiences, learn from others and make friends.

Does working at Australian Open 2014 appeal to you? If so, visit AO Employment  to find out how you can go about applying.

Detailed descriptions of each functional area are expected to be available on the AO Employment page from 1 June.