12 December 2012 | Tennis Australia

Tasmanian primary schools have been quick to jump aboard the National School Partnership Program (NSPP) with 13 already signed up across the state.

The program’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive too, with many teachers lauding the success and enjoyment of the training sessions and school activities.

The NSPP is a new Tennis Australia initiative that encourages schools to add the MLC Tennis Hot Shots (MLCTHS) program to their Physical Education curriculum allowing them to enhance their relationships with local clubs and coaches.

Find out more about NSPP here.

Tasmania is the first state to begin training its PE teachers, with sessions held throughout October and November helping educate and prepare them so they can begin running successful MLCTHS activities at their schools.

Five teachers offered their thoughts on the training program and how the MLCTHS sessions have fared so far:

Jenny Sullivan, Goulburn Street Primary (West Hobart)

“Goulburn Street has just completed five weeks of the MLCTHS program. I am now running lunch time Hot Shots activities for those interested in developing their skills further. The students have loved the program and using the equipment provided. Even with just one court area (size of netball court) the program has run smoothly.

The equipment was fantastic and I have used the resources provided and activities presented at the PL session. I have really enjoyed taking the program as I enjoy teaching different activities when I can. As a small school we would never be able to afford to buy the equipment. It helped that I won the first pack as well. Having 10 nets is such a bonus!”

Cameron Golding, Dominic College (Glenorchy)

“It is great to be part of the NSPP at Dominic College and I know the students are going to love it. The training was excellent and very relevant and has given me great confidence that I can deliver an excellent Tennis program to the students at our school. I am also honoured to be given an opportunity to attend the Australian Open Grand Slam Teacher Conference through my involvement with NSPP, it is something I have always wanted to attend and cannot wait!”

Emma Hilder, Lauderdale Primary School (Lauderdale)

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed tonight (the teacher training session on 21 November). I can’t wait to look through the manual and start teaching the kids at Lauderdale! The activities are a lot more fun than what I had in my day. You did a great job 🙂

Angela Kadziolka, Kingston Primary School (Kingston)

“Students have been most enthusiastic about their involvement in the MLCTHS program! They have enjoyed being able to use such great equipment and really feel like they are playing the real game, when they have their own ‘court’ (net). It is a great program which supports all the work done in PE-based on fundamental motor skills and effective movement. As we have just received our equipment, the students are keen to use it and are very focused on practising their skills”.

Raquel Innis, Nixon Street Primary School (Devonport)

“I have found the resources and training packs/equipment to be fantastic! I have worked with Shane from Devonport on a few occasions which has been great but I am hoping to officially run the MLCTHS program in Term 1 of 2013. In saying that I have done some tennis with most of my students in PE over the last few weeks and they have absolutely LOVED it! From the kinder doing the basics to the grade 5&6s which have been having individual games etc! It has really been received well by all the staff and students and kids have been thoroughly enjoying everything tennis”.

To be eligible for the NSPP, schools must:

  • Include tennis in their health and physical education curriculum for at least four weeks
  • Make tennis equipment available to students at least twice a week during lunchtime in Terms 1 and 4
  • Organise and run at least one intra-school tennis competition.

To get involved with NSPP, full criteria and all relevant information can be found here.