Melbourne, Australia, 1 June 2012 |

In the first of our “Friday 10 to 1” series, we take a look at some songs and videos that feature the sport of tennis and some of its biggest names.

1. Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello
It seems apt that we should begin our list with this music video, set in the same place as the very tournament we’re currently enjoying. Court Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros is the setting for a match between French DJs Solveig and Bob Sinclar, and both are pretty handy tennis players. Sinclar dominates until Novak Djokovic arrives to save the day, disputing a line call and keeping Solveig alive. Solveig comes back and reaches match point, only for Gael Monfils to enter and ruin his hopes. Worth a look for the authenticity of the tennis setting, and a catchy tune.

2. Caroline Wozniacki – Oxygen / 3. Serena Williams rap video
Also making their mark in the electronic music scene are women’s tennis stars Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams, who recently debuted their own songs. Wozniacki’s effort is somewhat of a Euro-dancey, auto-tuned mess, but she gets points for demonstrating a well-rounded lifestyle in her video – anyone who can find time in the one day to fulfil sponsor and fan commitments, coach kids, hit the recording studio, work out, and entertain a German Shepherd while tramming to a romantic dinner, deserves a pat on the back. Williams, meanwhile, channels Missy Elliot, rapping on topics ranging from expensive designer brands to cold pizza. Her voice is almost unrecognisable, but by listening closely, the references to haters, Venus, and winning at all costs are enough to confirm it’s definitely Serena behind the mic.

4. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun
Tennis features heavily in the music video for the Vampire Weekend track “Giving Up The Gun”, the second single from their acclaimed Contra album. The randomly tri-lingual clip depicts increasingly bizarre representations of the sport, even including a cameo by an intensely-competitive Jake Gyllenhaal. But whatever it’s trying to represent – the jury is still out on that – it’s certainly putting the game in the mainstream spotlight, with the video enjoying almost 6.5 million hits.

5. Evonne / 6. Vamos Rafa / 7. Roger Federer song
Tennis fans are a passionate bunch, no better demonstrated by these three songs. Australian great Evonne Goolagong was hailed by country band Stagecoach in their 1981 song “Evonne”, a bouncy ditty accompanied by images of the graceful player in action. More recent legends Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer also have tunes dedicated to them – the Latin-tinged “Vamos Rafa” pays tribute to the Spaniard’s boundless on-court energy, while the soft-rock “Roger Federer Song” contains some of the worst rhyming you’ll ever hear – Federer and “betterer”, genius! Perhaps blasting these tracks as they enter stadium courts all over the world could be the new trend in tennis?

8. Enrique Iglesias feat. Anna Kournikova – Escape
This video is widely credited as bringing together Russian former top 10 player Anna Kournikova and Spanish recording artist Enrique Iglesias, who kicked off a relationship around the time of filming the music video for Iglesias’ 2002 hit “Escape”. Anna makes her first appearance 23 seconds into the video when enjoying a quick boogie at an Enrique concert, before finally linking with her Latin lover at the two-minute mark. They’ve been going strong ever since, having now been together for around 10 years.

9. Maria Sharapova – I Feel Pretty
Arriving on the tennis scene after the glamorous Kournikova was another attractive blond Russian in Maria Sharapova. She turns plenty of heads in this Nike commercial as she winds her way through the busy New York streets, bound for Flushing Meadows to play a match on Arthur Ashe Stadium. In a city known for its intensity and incessant noise, Sharapova silences even the rowdy New York fans with her own cacophony when she steps out onto the court.

10. The Tennis Song
This video needs little in the way of text to pump it up – simply watch and enjoy.