Low-compression Balls

The low-compression red, orange and green balls will help children learn to play tennis quicker and easier.

What are low-compression balls?

There are three kinds of low-compression balls – red, orange and green – which are all softer and bounce lower than a yellow ball.

Because they bounce lower, players have more time to hit them, which allows better control and helps kids develop correct stroke technique. Yellow balls bounce too high and quickly for children.

Why use low-compression balls?

Ideally, players hit groundstrokes between waist and shoulder height. If children learn with a yellow ball, then playing with efficient, realistic technique and tactics is difficult, as players either have to:

  • take the ball early
  • play most groundstrokes above the optimal strike zone (in line with, and above the head)
  • play far behind the baseline and take the ball late, waiting for the ball to drop.

The low-compression red, orange and green balls bounce lower and are slower, which makes them perfect for the varying heights and skills of children.

The following video shows how each of the three balls bounce in comparison with a yellow ball.

Which ball should I use?

Use the ball that your players are most comfortable with. As players grow and/or their ability improves, try using a ball that bounces a bit higher.

Use the following diagram as a basic guide to help get you started. The diagram shows the average height of children in different age groups and the bounce height of red, orange, green and yellow balls.

Why low-compression balls are perfect for 10-and-under players

 Click on the image to open a larger version of the diagram.

Purchase low-compression balls

You can purchase the low-compression red, orange and green balls from the Australian Open Shop online or from Rebel Sport.

> Visit the online Australian Open Shop 

> Go to Rebel Sport’s website to find your nearest store or buy online