Artificial Grass

Over recent years there has been an increasing trend of installing artificial grass court surfaces, more correctly referred to as sand filled artificial grass (SFAG).

A sand filled artificial grass surface is basically a tufted synthetic carpet laid on a base usually constructed of concrete or asphalt, although there are other alternatives. The carpet is then filled with sand to occupy the space between the carpet fibres to within about 2mm of the top of the pile. The purpose of the sand is to hold the carpet in place, to provide a firm playing surface and to facilitate the drainage of surface water.

It is difficult to generalise about the playing characteristics of sand filled artificial grass court surfaces as a single type of surface, due to the number of variations available in the market place. Playing characteristics vary according to type of product, its age and condition.

All courts including sand filled artificial grass surfaces require maintenance, which is of vital importance if the surface is to remain aesthetically pleasing, consistent in play, permeable and long lasting.

Court owners need to be aware that sand filled artificial grass surfaces, as with any surface, do not last forever. They need to make provision for the future expenses including the ultimate replacement of their court surface.

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