Foundations and Bases

Most tennis players have an expectation that a tennis court will be trouble free and have an almost indefinite life.

Whilst players see and relate to the surface, it is what is below the playing surface that has the most influence and impact on the life of a tennis court.

Correct foundations are essential in ensuring the longevity and stability of what you build on top. Poor foundations ultimately lead to damage, rectification costs and potentially less than optimum life.

The foundation’s design objective is to reduce unacceptable performance of the foundation and to ensure that there is sufficient strength and stiffness to accommodate likely foundation movements and still maintain lines and levels for the playing surface.

There are many factors that have an influence on the design and construction of the ‘foundation’ which has a direct influence on the type of playing surface that can be installed. Everything from the desired playing surface to the ground upon which it is to be built have to be considered as an integrated package.

Tennis Australia strongly recommends that a site proposed for a new or upgraded facility is adequately investigated from a geotechnical (soil testing) perspective.

To find out more, download the Tennis Infrastructure Planning Guide or contact your respective Member Association Facilities representative.